Are girls more Superior than Boys???

August 30, 2007 12:08am CST
well... I prove it right! I am more superior to my boyfriend! I usually make the decision makings and plans... And i always give orders... I experience even when i was in college I am usually the leader even though I am the only girl in the group. My mom was superior to my father also... :)
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2 Sep 07
i say that this is a argument that has gone on of ever more or less so just stop and just say that both boys and girls have there strengths and weaknesses
@ThulsZ (784)
• India
30 Aug 07
hey one is superior to other.... everyone has their own weakness and strenghts,which others can't realise but only can blame.... both blame others for their mistakes and misunderstandings...thats human nature... if we don't have a contradiction in life we'll die at that moment.. in your case,your boyfriend accepts your decision.cos,he doesn't wants to loose you,though your decision is wrong...
@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
30 Aug 07
I personally believe that there is no superior or inferior thing between men and women... this might show that your exposure to people is very limited since you only mentioned you boyfriend, friends and family... try it in the workplace... or try living in a different country... maybe your point of view will change...