250 Things I Learned from Watching Dexter

August 30, 2007 12:23am CST
I will post a few things and others are welcome to add stuff. You don't have to copy the whole list because that takes up too much space,just add a few lines and have fun with this. 1.Dexter is very hot,even though he kills people 2.Rudy likes Barbie Dolls 3.Don't flip Dexter the bird...he may kill you
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• United States
31 Aug 07
Wow, I thought you were talking about Dexter's labotary, now I feel stupid. Well this Dexter show seems intersting from what you posted, I might have to check it out.
• Canada
31 Aug 07
This is a Showtime Series.You were probably like WTF? It's a really good show about a forensic blood expert who likes to kill bad people. He is a sociopath so he doesn't feel bad about what he does. The second season starts September 30.
• United States
2 Sep 07
Ah, thats why I'd never heard about it before. I don't get Showtime unfortuntley. Still seems like a really intersting show, Showtime always seems to have good shows, though I don't get to watch any of them.
• Philippines
18 Sep 07
4. Dexter loves his long sleeve navy green shirt. 5. Dexter has emotions after all.
• Canada
19 Sep 07
6.Dexter likes to bribe people with sweet things 7.Even a mosquito can piss Dexter off 8.What he eats is slightly repulsive
@pterion (417)
• India
15 Jan 08
9.Dexter can conduct stress-management seminars 10.Dexter likes to clean-up n' pack-up after a meeting with his 'client'
• United States
24 Oct 07
3. His sister is hot!