Teaching Honesty Isn't Easy ?????

@rimsha (806)
August 30, 2007 12:45am CST
I have a problem...... Our 10-yar old sister is constantly lying to us or disobeying our rules. We've tried different things, but nothing seems to work. Here's an example. We had put money in her lunch account and instructed her to purchase healthy food, not snacks. Upon checking her balance, we found she had purchased unhealthy snacks. We had her take her lunch from home for a week as punishment, but instead, she bought more snacks with the balance in her account. Should I close he account and give her money each day for lunch? We feel that if we can't trust her in something this small, we won't be able to trust her later on bigger issues. I'm searching for a punishment that will make her think about her lies and her disobedience to us.
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