Smoking should be banned

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@SHAMRACK (8586)
August 30, 2007 4:28am CST
I think this topic has been make issues in many places. That is problem between the smokers and non smokers. One enjoy and other tolerate and finally the person tolerated get more effected. Any how it obvious that smoking is injurous to health. May be those who smoke make sure that it do not make a problem to non smokers who really don;t but tolerate it may be just to make the smokers to go on with their happy feeling. Still banning the smoking may give a controlling hand to those chain smokers or addicted so as they may quit is finally. Any way to have healthy society I hope is better to avoid this poisones atomophere or atomospere pollution.
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@mistissa (1350)
• Netherlands
30 Aug 07
I don't think it is possible to ban smoking and I am not for it. Just leave people to smoke if they want to. You can complain about poisones atmosphere, Why don't you want to ban cars?? Cars also polute the air, as well as other public transportation. It is very short sighted to say it is just because of smokers
@SHAMRACK (8586)
• India
31 Aug 07
Hi, I am not for agrument, any how chain smokers have becomed addicted to this. It totally get effected on the person who smokes and the others who intake. To ban it , it is too late. Other pollutions from cars and others may be the machines can be changed by those who use it if they do not like it. But the pollution from smokers efftects the child to be born, smoker and intaker. And also increases those smoking commudity were as the technological advancement is trying to overtake those polluted cars. Any you are right that it cannot be banned as those addicted to it are more important to the society.