How are women courted in your country?

@cdparazo (5768)
August 30, 2007 7:24am CST
Each country has a different culture when it comes to courtship. In some countries, it's the women who do the courting or make proposition to men. However, here in my country, it is just unheard of and is even considered too forward and women who doesn't wait to be courted before they express their feelings are most often seen as loose in terms of moral. Even now, a lot of men has to go through a lot of 'trials' before they would receive the sweet 'yes' of their lady love. It is normal for men to court a woman for months and some even years. In western countries, I gathered that it isn't that way. In my country, the men will visit the women at their home during the night and bring some gifts such as flowers and chocolates. Courtship is usually done before the watchful eyes of the parents. But due to western influence in the past decade, courting could now be done outside the woman's house such as in the workplace or school. Men also used to senerade our women that they are courting but in my daughter's generation, i guess it would be grossly so outdated. I could still remember with a sigh a man singing all his heart out for me serenading me. lol! those were the days long past i guess. So how about in your country?
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• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
1 Sep 07
Here it depends on the part of the country you're at. Here in the north a man has to be more careful and tactful, since if you're not you will be kicked in your butt otherwise lol. In the south people are more flexible and easygoing in this aspect, so guys are able to be a bit more straight. But i guess that in the end each one of us has his own style lol.
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@magnet (2087)
• United States
8 Oct 07
When my mom was dating the men would make the proposition first now times are changing women are becoming more bold and making the first move. I am old fashioned so they say when it comes to dating. I was raised that way. I was not allowed to go drive to my boyfriend's house and take him out. He had to come get me. I was taught that I am too precious for that and I should be treated with royalty. The man is suppose to come get me,open doors for me and treat me like I'm a precious princess. I was well respected when I dated men. While my friends use to chase after men, the men were approaching me and treating me with respect.