squatter rights

August 9, 2006 3:49pm CST
I have a person that is trying to take land from us, claiming squatters rights, they have been there for approxinately 26 years. We purchased the land in 1980, we also had two mortgages put on the property that were not paid off until 1995. We have paid all taxes, the property is still on our deed. The have not compensated us in any way. We maintain the access to the property, water rights, any thing that has to be repaired we do. We presently have a new mortgage on the property, her husband signed stating that we give them access to their mobile home and that the mobile home is located on our property. Since April 9, 2006 her husband has passed away. She came to us to purchase her mobile which has a lean on it and the buildings, we just want to get rid of her. She asked if we would give her $3000, she she could take care of some bills. We were able to get the money for her, but she changed her mind because the church has gotten involved and they have told her to go for more money, now she is asking for $10,000. The property is our, we have the deed and title, but she want us to pay her for something that we own. The property on the land is an old trailer that has been condemed, there is a lean against it, the three building are old sheds that might be worth a $100 for someone to tear down. Do we have any rights. We have a lawyer, but it just doesn't seem to be anything happening and he never really give us a straight answer, and he keeps saying that the lay is on her side. We have been living her for 26 years and 15 years of this time it had mortgages, and we presently got a new mortagage in 2005 so we could build our daughter a small home for her and my granddaughter. Do we have any rights at all to try and keep are property without paying throught the nose to keep something that we having been maintaining. There has to be some justice for us, I would just like to have a little information, because so far nothing looks good for us, and we have worked hard for 26 years to get what we have and we don't have that kind of money to spend.
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10 Aug 06
What city & state do youlive in? Many places do not have squatters rights and if they do the squatter is treated like a renter.