Drive-Thru Drama!

@MsJessi (423)
United States
August 30, 2007 10:09am CST
Ok...I never really experienced this until recently. We live in a fast growing small town just outside of Phoenix, AZ. We recently got a McDonald's. So of course, they're ALWAYS over half the population of this town are kids! lol. They have one of those dual drive thru lines, that merge into one at the windows. I swear, people are proving to be their rudest in these lines. It's my understanding that you should alternate from line to line as far as driving up to the window...unless the other line is not done ordering of course! But I constantly see people speeding up and getting as close as they can behind other cars to prevent you from getting in front of them! It's rediculous! Really makes me wanna get out of my car sometimes! lol. I think the worst was the other night when I didn't even order anything...after sitting in the line for 15 minutes, getting to the order box and seeing that they could only take cash...I was LIVID...they could have put a sign at the beginning of the line, so you didn't waste your time! Anyway, I didn't even get to order and this lady was still ordering when I scooted up and then she sped up and dang near hit me cuttin me off!! WOW!
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30 Aug 07
Dont mess with hungry people! I live in a small town as well, and our drive thru is luckily only one lane. They are slow as molasses tho and it takes forever to get your food. I used to eat at Micky Ds on a regular basis until I moved here! lol Hmm thats probably a good thing!