Suicide. Know anyone that has done this?

May they rest in peace! - Hoping my friends found their peace.
@fpd1955 (2075)
United States
August 30, 2007 10:56am CST
I know two people that have committed suicide. The first was a friend that I had known for over 20 years. He tried once before and was unsuccessful, but no one knew he tried to kill himself. His rope apparently broke and he fell on his face. It looked like he was in a fight and that is what he told everyone. The second time, he succeeded. He hung himself from his attic rafters. He was 46. The second was a relative. I won't tell you how he killed himself. I will just say he researched his method and it was unique. He was 31. Both of these men were always the life of any party. Both of these men had people in their lives that would listen, if they chose to talk. Both of these men left behind devastated families and friends, none of which knew that the psyche of these men was so fragile that it would lead them to take their own lives. I won't go in to the reasons they felt this was their way out of the pain they were suffering, as I can only conjecture as to the reasons. Suffice it to say that they were in emotional pain and no one knew it!It saddens me that these men did not come to one of us to talk aloud about what they were feeling. Could someone have helped them? We will never know, but I like to think that if someone opens up about their pain, a friend or relative could possibly give them some release or advice about what they are going through. Or at east lead them to a professional that could have helped. I still miss these guys. I only hope that they have finally found the peace they were seeking. Thanks for listening........... PEACE
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@Lifez2short (4968)
• United States
16 Oct 07
Yes I do know someone who has done this. Unfortunately it was my father. He decided to end his life when I was 14. It was and always has been very hard for my sister and I.
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@vokey9472 (1488)
• United States
31 Aug 07
I am so sorry for your loss. I too have had two friends take their own lives. The first was a high school friend. He found out that he had a terminal heart disease and when the pain became too much, he over dosed on his pain meds. He left a note detailing why he had done it and that he was sorry for causing so much pain. Everyone who loved him understood why he choose to do what he did. He was in so much pain and he only had weeks left to live. He choose to go out on his own terms. The second was a guy in his 20s. His girlfriend was cheating on him and he fell into a deep depression. He went out camping and hung himself. It was several days before anyone found him. We all thought he was just out camping for he weekend. Being the nature lover that he was, no one thought anything about it. In the past when he was depressed, he went camping and always came home much happier. This time, he didn't come home. I hope that both of them have found peace too.
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@ArsonCuff (3116)
• United States
30 Aug 07
My brothers father killed himself, but other than that I have not been closely affected in a direct way to my knowledge but such actions.
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