Do you completely believe an internet friend?

@subha12 (18452)
August 30, 2007 11:54pm CST
Do u al believe someone whom you have only known through intenet? Will u share with him/her your personal problems and all? I think its not very safe until u meet that person. I am not going to do so. Whats your opinion?
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@brendakaya (2335)
• United States
3 Sep 07
Sure I do, with some. I don't have any reason, not to believe them, so I give them the benefit of the doubt. I have met so many wonderful people on the internet, mostly on mylot. There are some that I have met on here, that I would definitely trust.
@whyaskq (7531)
• Singapore
31 Aug 07
I would think that it is easier to share personal problems with an internet friend. Since we do not know each other nor see each other face to face, it is easier to pour out problems. Besides, I would think there is less bias as the person could give more neutral suggestions. If it is disclosing personal information, I would think twice. Sharing problems is fine with me :P
@eprado (1473)
• Philippines
31 Aug 07
No I don't completely believe an internet friend, its very hard to tell if he/she is true or not. I have to meet him/her in person or get to know that person for a long time before I could trust that person. :-)
@aissha (2036)
• India
31 Aug 07
i have done this foolishness once and i'm sure i am not going to do it again.
@vinzen (1022)
• India
31 Aug 07
It would all depend on what kind of a person you are and which kind of person you meet on the internet. If you are a person who can learn to trust and have faith easily in another person, you would be willing to make such friends of course a lot would depend on the person you meet and make friends with online too. I for one, believe that internet freinds are possible. And i have a few good friends too,and we talk almost on a daily basis, they have with time, now become good friends. How much of personal details you want to disclose, depends on you totally, you dont have to tell them what you dont want to and what you are not comfortable with, no one can force you to do that, thats where keeping a control of yourseelf would come in i think. The friends i have, dont even ask me such details, and those who do seek too many details, either you tell them you wouldnt like to share those or you leave and make new freinds. There are all kinds of peopole, you have to choose your friends who would gel with you, amongst those. The friends i have, are normal hi and bye friends, and we talk on day to day issues,share each others joys and sorrows and i seek their advice on many things and they too do the same, and we share a good friendship online, no ones ever asked to meet me yet, but for one, whom i have met, when i went to Delhi, it was really nice to meet her, and we still remain in touch, thats about it. I think its nice.
@mikeyaxe (722)
• India
31 Aug 07
Well if you ask me i prefer not to get too close with any online friends particularly if they are strangers. Well but yeah u do find some good friends online thats one thing. Just like i found a friend who was living near by. But its better to be safe