What will u do when u found out ur 12 yrs old daughter is not a virgin anymore?

August 31, 2007 12:04pm CST
for those concern people should call 911. gosh....
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@sunshine4 (8706)
• United States
31 Aug 07
I wouldn't call 911! I don't get that statement. I would be very upset! I would probably be more protective of her and not let her go out with friends without adult supervision. I would then buy her one of those real babies that they use to teach girls how hard it is to be a parent.
• Philippines
1 Sep 07
just read my statement in a deep way.
• Philippines
3 Sep 07
all of the answers are great...but still nobody knows whats my point on calling 911 ha ha ha....good luck . im still waiting for a good shot answers who can relate on my answer regarding 911....
• Philippines
3 Sep 07
oopps... am i the one should say that? ok.. i think you know me....well done. thanks. Ggrrrrr!
@barehugs (8984)
• Canada
2 Sep 07
First I would realise her condition was my fault, because I had not taught her the facts. Girls are growing up by age 11 or 12 nowadays. When they are alone with boys they get sexually aroused and lose control. Its not the kids fault! Parents should know this. Its all about the body maturing before the mind. After the fact, the parents need to monitor her closely whenever she is out of sight, and do whatever is needed to insure she isn't tempted again. If she expresses regret for her lack of virginity she will probably stay out of trouble.
@men82in (1270)
• India
1 Sep 07
In my family a distant relatives daughter aged around twentyfive still not attained the puberty level. Why to mention is still the parents are not much educated to know of medical miracles.