Mylot paid to mooneybooker, any idea about the changer of it to e-gold?

September 1, 2007 4:18am CST
Dear all, I just realized that mylot not use e-gold for their payment to us. Its little bit shocking me coz e-gold is the best e-currency in my country. And mylot provide moneybooker to change e-gold. My problem here, i cant find changer of moneybooker in my country (Indonesia). Is there anyone can help me in this matter?
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• India
1 Sep 07
I think i can help you to convert moneybooker to e-gold! As becasue many people (legit) who do it in a profession just by haviong few cents!! I think you shpould go on and have your payment in moneybooker after that just tell me i will make you contact with the person who will do it for you!! So just don't worry and earn more!
• Indonesia
3 Sep 07
thank you dear, lots of appreciate about your helping. sure i will contact you after i reach my payment from mylot
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• India
3 Sep 07
Ok as you wish! Thanks for responding me and yes one more thing if you wish to convert any currency to any you can contact me because i can do it for you . As i have a very good contacts!!
• Indonesia
8 Sep 07 it giving much of charging or not?
• Philippines
8 Sep 07
me too.. I like e-gold and it's also the best e-currency in our country.