colour for a blind person

September 1, 2007 12:40pm CST
how can we explain colour to a blind person? according to my opinion,if the person is blind from birth,he should be made aware of the dark colours and light wont be difficult for him to understand dark colours since he is in complete darkness.we just have to describe the amount of darkness for the particular colour.light colours cant be explained easily.well if the person was not blind from birth,he would have seen all those colours and it would be easy to make him remeber.this is my opinion.i welcome all those important comments from you.
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@su3ren (68)
• India
4 Sep 07
i think we cannot describe or explain the 'blinds from birth' what colours are... i think he does not even have a mental image of colours since he has not seen it before so that does not give him the ability to produce the mental image of colours...they might mistake some other things for colours.. Infact, it cannot be explained, it must be felt directly....i wonder what they dream of??? Whereas for the afterborn-blind it's possible to produce some mental image of colours in his mind.... and it is limited to the memory. For example, if the person was to suffer a memoryloss accident, he would lose the ability to produce mental image of colours also.... which is why the mental image of colours he could produce is supported by the memory of the colour he had seen before he was blind....