Is love marriage better than arranged marriage?

September 1, 2007 2:51pm CST
well in love marriage you get to know the patner very well.time is not required to understand the patner after marriage.but in arranged marriage,the patners are to understand each other very well gradually as they move on with their life.
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@hari120 (623)
• India
8 Sep 07
logically love marriage is preferable but surveys shows arranged marriages are more successful.
• Pakistan
1 Sep 07
In love marriage you know your patner thats true thats a plus point of that... but lets say if the two patners has a fight then what? who will come as thrid party to solve their problem. If you ask me which one is better i will chose arrange marriage because your parents knows better and they are always their to help you out. people can get married and then fall in love rather then allways thinking that this is enforced upon us and we didnt want this and stuff like that.
• United States
1 Sep 07
I would think that the dating phase before love marriage would be where the couple takes time to get to know and love eachother. An arranged marriage would require the time after the ceremony to get that information. I'm not in an arranged marriage so I have no idea if it would be better, but I would think that if you were stuck in a marriage with someone you are not compatiable with(you'd know that before marrying them with the other version) you'd be happier marrying someone for love, rather than oblgation.
@leonarda (92)
• Bulgaria
1 Sep 07
I would add a third group in addition to love marriages and arranged marriages - the group of people who have been tricked to enter a marriage and who can't escape from the trap. :) For people who can take control of their lives, a love marriage is better but for people who can't make a single correct decision in their life, an arranged marriage can't be worse than what they themselves will choose. But maybe in those countries where the tradition is to have arranged marriages, actually one has no choice. :(