Friends around the world - how about round robin groups?

By Amy
Abernathy, Texas
September 1, 2007 10:49pm CST
I think I remember something called a round robin from childhood - now this would require a departure from the internet - and of course - and this is extremely important - trust of the people in your group. A round robin, from what I remember, is a letter that one person writes and sends to another - they answer and send along to someone else etc etc. Originally I think it had to do with petitions. It also good with books as well - you read a book and pass it on. I think that one would only be interesting if everyone in the group passes a book in a circle - as in you have a list of friends and you pass it down the line. So everyone is reading something new at once. Does this make sense? Or - instead of Ebay - clothes trades. This again would only work if you trust the person - one to ensure they won't stalk you - and two so you know you will send out something and get it in return. Of course, they have things like this on the web - like freecycle or posh points - each of your items is worth points and when you give them away you get those points which you can accumulate to 'buy' bigger or more expensive items. I just thought it would be cool if groups of friends did this. Again, if you decide to take me up on my idea - make sure you know and trust that person! You can also do it for more 'touristy' items that are "touristy" and represent your country, keychains with the name of your country or state, sweatshirts, items from outdoor markets. Just an idea - ooh and for added security you could get a P.O. box. What do you think?
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