Setting up multiple blogs with one account

United States
September 2, 2007 4:12am CST
Earlier today, I had a brand new idea of a blog I was wanting to start, and so far, I signed up on Blogger (Blogspot) to give myself a head start. However, I decided to start next week since my college as well as its library is closed for Labor Day. The thing is, is it possible to set up two blogs at a time with one account? Because my new blog, "Library of LXNdria - The Dual Sanctuary of Success", needs to have TWO blogs: 1. The software and online/offline tools one needs to start multiple streams of income and wealth. This is the "hands-on" part of my two-part blog. and 2. The ebooks, reports and EXE files pertaining to wealth, financial freedom, success, prosperity, self-help, etc. This is the "knowledge-is-power" part of my two-part blog. It's still under construction, and I have a long way to go (including adding Google Adsense), but this dual blog can be beneficial to everyone on MyLot and the Internet.
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• Singapore
2 Sep 07
Hi : You can certainly set up a few blogs under the same blogger account. But the most important thing is to build up quality contents in the first 1 or 2 blogs so that readers would come back regularly to visit your blogs. You can set up a lot of blogs but if you do not have the time to build them with good contents it would just be a waste of your time & efforts setting up so many blogs. Yours Truly, Tony Chai a disabled stock option trader
@mistissa (1348)
• Netherlands
2 Sep 07
Yes at blogger it is possible, as a matter of fact I have 3 with the same account. Just sign up for a new blog by choosing the name etc, when you sign in next time it will show all your blogs, and you can choose which one you want to edit.