where's GOD, is HE really there somewhere?

September 3, 2007 10:18am CST
everyday when i wake up i always look up into the sky and sigh a prayer and ask for guidance for the whole day ahead. i think everyone of us do pray, but was there a time in your life that your asking yourself "where are you GOD, can YOU really hear my prayers"? we ask this stupid questions to him when we are so broke, ruined, but do we remember GOD in times of our triumphs and success, maybe some do remember HIM, but i think they're so few. its not a matter of GOD'S existence im talking about, we all know that GOD really exist, but where is HE? now, here's my concern, what about those homeless families living on the streets with lack of food to eat, those children victim of abuse, those disabled people with no one to turn to, and a lot more unfortunate instance, where is GOD for them, is GOD really have a plan for them, is HE doing something to make them feel at ease at all times? can someone enlighten me up, with this issue, cause its really so frustrating for me to see them suffering. maybe in time i'll know the answers to all this questions i have in mind.
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