can two people can love each other when they are from different backgrounds?

September 3, 2007 12:42pm CST
It's the plot line that has launched a thousand plays and movies: Two crazy kids from opposite sides of the tracks meet, fall in love and, despite the objections of friends and family, run off together and get hitched, determined to make a life together in the protective glow of their love. Do you think you can two people can love each other when they are from very different backgrounds.
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@vinzen (1022)
• India
3 Sep 07
Yes they can, and when their love is unconditional and pure, when they are able to trust each other truly, when they can learn to be able to keep all their egoes aside, when they can learn to depend upon each other, when they have that faith, they can easily get one. Backgrounds, caste, colour, religion, all this does not matter to those who ar true lovers, who are really in love. As love does not see these things, its a pure, simple emotion that is felt deep within, so it does not see all the above, it just simply, purely, just loves. You love the person for who they are not from what back ground they are from. And if they are in love then they learn to adjust and do anything for the love of their partners. I know of a few couples, who got married, one is from the north side and the other south, they both just fell in love and were not even able to communicate that well, but each one learnt the language of the other, they learnt to adjust, learnt to develop a taste of food of the other, learnt to follow each others customs and traditions etc. So all this is taken care of, when the love exists, provided its true love. Yes families will always object as they would prefer people from their own religion etc, but all that is passee now, as they too are learning to accept things.