do you like to have a sauna?

sauna room - the hotter the better, it means more fat burnt, LOL
@unuzzz (1273)
September 4, 2007 5:05am CST
after quite a long time, i'd say i do^^ i've just came back from swimming with a friend after the swimming, he asked me to join him for a sauna it's very hot since i sat next to the stove at first i don't feel comfortable in breathing, but after sometime i get used to it feels nice after i went out from the sauna room but my uncle said that sauna is not good for young people he said that the heat will kill the sperm and caused a infertility what about you??
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@maximax8 (31178)
• United Kingdom
4 Sep 07
Yes, I love to have a sauna. I find the warmth very comfortably warm and very relaxing. It can be challenging to breathe awfully well though. I have not heard that saunas cause any health problems but I think this is worth finding out about. I gained my liking for saunas when I worked for a family in Finland as a children's nanny when I was 18 years old. The family had three homes and one of these was a cute looking lakeside cottage. They had a large sauna next to a beautiful cool lake. We would enjoy a natural sauna and gently hit our skin with birch leaves. Afterwards we would go for a swim in the cold waters of the lake. Wow!
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@tigertang (1749)
• Singapore
4 Sep 07
Finnish Sauna - that is definately a spiritual experience, the way you go from 80 degrees heat and run into the cold air....wonderful experience
• Malaysia
4 Sep 07
I haven't gone to a real sauna room in my life. However I have bought a mini sauna for myself just for the purpose of losing weight. Lol. To me I like being in the sauna because it is one quick way to lose weight by sweating. It is healthy because when we sweat our body expels all the toxic together with the sweat, leaving our body fresh and healthy afterwards. About the sperm, I am not sure about it. If you concerned about it you shouldn't go to a fixed heated sauna room. Instead go to sauna room in which you can control the temperature and make sure the heat is still tolerable and doesn't kill the sperms.
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@Madona1 (2098)
• Gibraltar
22 Sep 07
I love sauna. I wish I can go for it once a month to relax and tone my body. Unfortunately, there is no such facility nearby. So I if want to go for a sauna, I have to take a half day trip to Spain, which takes 20 minutes drive to get there. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard about the downside of having a sauna. You had better make a research and reassure yourself to avoid any consequence in future.