What's your take on the Indo-US Nuclear Deal??

Indo- US Nuclear Deal... - Should India give the go-ahead to the deal or back off?? Is the deal beneficial for India in any way??
@Lifeless (2636)
September 4, 2007 7:05am CST
Hi there.. This is for all those mylotters who have interest in politics... What do u think India should do at this point of time? Should they go ahead with the deal or back off?? Would the deal harm India in any way??? If it is of no harm, then why are they creating such a fuss about it???? Share ur opinion guys...
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@icon_001 (586)
• India
4 Sep 07
I have read about Indo-US Nuclear Deal .I think it has been decided by both sides after a lot of deliberations . ALthough,I feel there are a lot of conditions by USA in this deal,they are justified in the way that they also have some Nuclear Safety and Proliferation concerns . So I feel India should go ahead and sign the deal.
• India
4 Sep 07
I think they should very well go for it.. I don't find any harm in that.. Infact it would benefit India in a big way... And as far creating fuss about it, its all a habit of politicians... Also, the media is also to be blamed, they also take the matter out of proportion...