I am going to be the Little Stars Camp Fire leader!!!

United States
September 4, 2007 8:13pm CST
The area I live in is looking for a Camp Fire leader for their Little Stars gropu which is 3 and 4 yr olds. I have always wanted to do things like this with my kids and now I have my opportunity! :) I am SOOO excited! I got my book and everything today. My daughter is 3 so she'll be in my group. I can't wait! :) I do have a question, though...we have 2 parades in November and we need to make a banner! Well, we need the banner made early on in our season so it can be hung up at our meeting place. I am debating on whether to make it out of poster board or get some sort of material. Any ideas on what to make it out of and what to put on it. We will put our group name on it and then I want the kids to help decorate it up. Any ideas would be helpful! :) Thanks
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