@valmiki9 (1171)
September 4, 2007 10:16pm CST
Coffee is harmful to health can you say why?
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• Philippines
5 Sep 07
it's caffeine, that's why it's harmful but it is just harmful when you drink too much, there are a lot of benefits you can get in coffee too like it has anti-oxidants and can control aging. I love coffee but i don't drink too much, yah maybe before i drink a lot of coffee but now only a cup thrice or four times a week.
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@valmiki9 (1171)
• India
6 Sep 07
I agree with you. There is a saying in india that even divine nectar taken in exces quantity is harmful to health. I lke coffeeand am accustomed to it from childhood. Now Iam under Ayurvedic treatment which bans all drinks except pure milk.
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• Philippines
7 Oct 07
wow!!! thanks a lot. you really made me happy.. thanks for choosing me as your best response, i will not forget this and i will treasure this moment you're the first one to make me as the best response. thanks again.
@drannhh (15235)
• United States
18 Sep 07
Many people believe that all stimulants are harmful to the health over time, but for me the question is whether or not it is habit-forming. I think that if one can take coffee or leave it, that is to say, enjoy it occasionally without feeling a need to have it, then it is OK. On the other hand, I've personally known people who fit the description of "coffee fiend" and these people are not pleasant to be around. They let coffee rule their lives. Then I think it is harmful. Of course, substances such as coffee will interfere with certain medical treatments or health regimens.
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