do you respect your teacher?

September 5, 2007 1:14am CST
i have seen a lot of videos on-line recently ,and i feel so sorry on seeing those teachers being bullyed by their students,what happened? i really want to know . we should respect our teachers ,they teache us how to be a good man ,how to be a qulified man ,but ,what happened to the students now ,why they treat their teachers like this .... i respect all my teachers ,and i have never ill treated my teachers . what about you ,my friend ,what do you do to your teacher?
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@youless (98355)
• Guangzhou, China
5 Sep 07
Yes, I have to respect to my teachers. However, to be frank, I don't like all of them. I only like and respect some of my teachers from the bottom of my heart because I think they are really good teachers.
@I_LUV_U (2519)
• India
5 Sep 07
I think i respect all my teachers when i think of it now. I did'nt have much respect for all of them during my student days, they were being bullies at times. Here in India, i have'nt heard much about teachers being bullied by students. Teachers are more like dictators, that's why students hate them all over the world. But i don't think students here can help it much, they just got to ignore that and look forward to their passing out. Ill-treating or misbehaving with teachers lead to suspensions in India, its a blackmark on their career, Indians students don't dare it. We are smart.
• India
5 Sep 07
a real teacher is like a father or mother and we must always respect them for the knowledge and wisdom they impart to us. if we dont really like a teacher because that teacher is a bit rude or something we must just be quiet for that time and let him or her be but never be bad to her or speak wrongly about them. smiles, apple.
@muscare (3069)
• Australia
5 Sep 07
Well, it has been a good many years since I was a student, and I have to say that things have changed a lot since then. Sure, there were some teachers I didn't like, but there were only probably two that I didn't respect, as they really didn't have the neccessary skills to be good teachers. I didn't make my feelings known, though, by bad mouthing them in any way. The way some students treat teachers is just wrong!