Cheap shopping & easy access hotel

In front of Siam Square - Take a couple of walk from Indra Regent Hotel in Pratunam. You can find Platinum Fashion Mall, Siam Square (malls), MBK, etc. Shopping time...
@r_yuen (333)
September 5, 2007 11:12am CST
Bangkok. Yes! The shopping is damn CHEAP! I recommend those who is bargain shopper, well... you have found the right spot!I went to Bangkok this year and this place totally changed. More crowd, more shopping centers, and most of all CHEAPER!Some suggestions: 1. Hotels: Indra Regent in Pratunam -- Cheap & affordable. Maybe the building a bit old, but not the inside. It's comfortable and the service is good. You can easily access the shopping area which is damn CHEAP! As it is located just nearby Pratunam Market. 2. Bargains: Never show your interest on the product you interested. Not obviously as the Thai can sense that and may give you the price that can cut your throat! Just bargain half or 1/3 of the given price. Show no interest and walk away if they don't want to sell it. I bet they will call you back after that. This time do more bargain to get more items.
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@farazkh1 (1157)
• Pakistan
5 Sep 07
Agreed 100% because i have lived there for longtime not permenantly but i used to travel bangkok often for purchasing garments to sell in my country and my dad had established business there from 16 years so i can say that Bangkok is my second home ....whenever i want i can go there but presently the business is slow due to political turbulance and expencive Baht against US dollar ........... I also can speak Thai a little ................
@r_yuen (333)
• Indonesia
6 Sep 07
How long you've lived there? I want to learn Thai but I find it difficult. Hehehe... I only know few wards like "sawadika" or "mai phet" (means : no chilli). I wonder if Bangkok is cheaper than China...