Bringing Family Guy to Real Life

@Jshean20 (14360)
September 5, 2007 1:27pm CST
OK all you family guy fans! Who do you think would portray a good Peter? Or any of the other characters on the show for that matter. I would have to say that John Goodman would make a good Peter...
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• United States
24 Sep 07
John Goodman wouldn't make a good peter cuz he looks nice. he seems like a sweet guy when you look at him peter is a funny, disgusting, unpolitically correct blob i think that maybe jack black (w/a haircut) or andy milonakis no offense to those guys, just saying that with their image, they'd make a good peter. or that big dude from The Office
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@lilyruth (724)
• United States
9 Sep 07
I have to agree with you John Goodman would make a fun and crazy Peter, altho I think the carton is till the best I love that dog bryan and that kid he is bad and such a nut. I enjoy watching the cartoon and think it would be better to just leave it asit is making it into real people woud not be the same as the cartoon.
• China
8 Sep 07
I dont't think that bringing the family guys to real life is a good ideas, but if do, maybe John Goodman would make a good peter,maybe not,so try to do it .
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@slickcut (8141)
• United States
6 Sep 07
I agree with you.i think John Goodman is my choice as well..He even looks the part as far as i am concerned...
@aprilgrl (4460)
• United States
5 Sep 07
I agree with you on that one! John Goodman would make a good Peter. I really haven't thought abutthe show coming to life but I bet it would be a great show.
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@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
1 Oct 07
Did anyone see Seth on Mad TV? that had the real life parody of family guy with Seth as Peter even doing the voice. I was in stitches after seeing it, especially since they used Bobby Lee as Stewie (he really didn't sound right =p) But a live action Family Guy? Its got some promise and shouldn't be completely discarded as an idea.
@dreamy1 (3815)
• United States
25 Sep 07
That's funny because when I read the post before I read any of the responses John Goodman was the first one that came to my mind. Stewie would be extremely hard to cast because no one year old could play him. You could use a little person but I don't think that would come off so well.
@jillbeth (2710)
• United States
24 Sep 07
John Goodman popped into my head before I even finished reading your question! He's not always so nice, did you see him in "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" Hilariously evil!