A little bit of TV, a little bit of licking something, and also your Opinion

@AmbiePam (51030)
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September 5, 2007 5:32pm CST
I just read on www.tvguide.com, that the CBS new fall show Cane (starring Jimmy Smits), has a unique marketing plan for the show. They are going to put a 2 page spread in Rolling Stone, featuring their show, and also a packet or pouch, that contains a lickable dissolving strip that tastes like a tropical mojito. Since the show is set in Miami, they brought in the flavors that would fit with the location. Now they said they are making it tamper proof, so if someone has messed with your pouch, you will be able to tell it. It is also NON alcoholic. I don't know about you, but it sounds kinda weird. I'm not saying it wouldn't work though. Word is this is the advertising of the future for television shows. I understand other things, but television shows? So my question to you is this: tell me your idea to market your favorite show in an out of the box type way such as the makers of Cane did. I can't think of a lot of shows that I watch, that appear clear cut in how to advertise them uniquely. But I think when it came close to time for the show Top Chef to premiere for its new season, I would make trading cards with the chef contestants on it, and one the back would be basic information that will also later be revealed on the show. They could be included in Food & Wine magazine (one judge works for them) or another cooking magazine. It would get to the core audience, it would give them a sneak peak, and it would would raise the anticipation for the show. What is your idea?
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@sunshinecup (7880)
6 Sep 07
First, I ain't licking nothing!! LOL but it is a neat idea. Second, now how are you going to post such a wonderful idea then ask us to come up with something that can compete with that? Are you kidding me? That is a great idea and I would be silly to think I have the brain to beat it or heck, just match it. How about instead I talk about something that they did in the 80’s I thought was really cool. I wonder how many remember it. Cereal company’s have always been the leaders in coming up with unique ways to sell cereal. One of the ideas they did that I loved as a child was to sell these mini floppy plastic records that you peeled off the box. They were too cool and they really did work! Just peel it off and slap it on the record player. They were just kids songs, but they were the neatest darn things. I remember pleading with my mother to please pay almost $6.00 for a box of cereal I didn’t even like, just so I could have that record.
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@AmbiePam (51030)
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6 Sep 07
I didn't know anyone ever did anything like that. I bet a whole bunch of parents were mad at the cereal company. LOL