Do you always have counselor help you to choose your course?

September 5, 2007 8:58pm CST
I think i don't need to do that. YOu know yourself, you know what you do. But it's wise that you can ask your counselor sometimes.
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@williamjisir (22819)
• China
6 Sep 07
I knew what I wanted to learn when I was at high school. Therefore when I took the college entrance examination, I chose English as my major. It has always been my favorite course ever since. I use English every day and I am happy that I am making more and more progress in English.
• Malaysia
6 Sep 07
Sometime it depends on our "score". If we are in the utmost level of qualification, my answer is YES. Yes to have our indulge. But if just friendly to the margin level, I think better look into counselor's proposal for decision making. You know why? Counselor will look into the details of the subjects and make comparison the respective course. A counselor cannot react with their sentiments on making proposal but must always by facts, figures and statistic of previous achievements. A qualified and experienced counselor will not decide any case or proposal within split second to students. And a counselor give supporting elements to student for having good decision making in short, medium and long term planning in academic learning in campus and after leaving the campus life for a good job.
@morgandrake (2136)
• United States
6 Sep 07
When I signed up for the Community College of Denver, I talked to a counseler because I was required to. And he tried to talk me into a business degree because I have ten years of food service management under my belt. After ten years, I was sick of business--I don't think that I would survive (as in stay interested) in such a program. So I opted for what I wanted to do, which is to get a degree in English--he thought I was nuts; I guess time will tell.