Do you get headache when you try and go to sleep?

United States
September 5, 2007 9:19pm CST
I've headaches lately when I try and sleep at night.Even if I don't take a nap in the daytime I still have a hard time getting to sleep at night.
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@switlyf (649)
• Philippines
8 Sep 07
i haven't experienced that yet and i hope not! well i think just take a medicine..
@kylina (178)
6 Sep 07
Unfortunately, yes i do. It seems weird but every time i go to bed and try to relax and think of nothing i get a very painful headache. It is usually more painful when we i have just come out of an outing like visiting tourist places around in London. Can anyone suggest something to relieve it?
@Malyck (3428)
• Australia
6 Sep 07
Often I get headaches from the early evening (around 6pm) until I eventually fall asleep. I tend to have a nice shower or bath, a healthy snack, some water and then have a lie-down until i feel a little better, and I usually get my second wind, and the headache and tension goes away. I usually only get these when I am stressed out and not looking after myself.
@cher913 (25861)
• Canada
6 Sep 07
i generally get a bad headache around 10:30-11 pm every night and i have to go to bed...if i stay up to long, the headache gets worse and after about an hour i get my second wind and cannot go to sleep no how! my trick is to go to bed just before the headache starts or just as its starting...