having oily face and pimples

September 6, 2007 3:08am CST
what is the best solution for this?i already try so many beauty products but it did'nt work...please help me for this ps..im just a new member here
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@diansinta (7544)
• Indonesia
6 Sep 07
My mom have a good recipe for pimples and oil face from my grand mother. Its very simple, wash your face with warm tea every morning and let it dry in your skin, for minimum 15 minutes.and repeated again before you going to sleep.You can use your face soup if you want to. just remember to replace water with tea water-non sugar.
6 Sep 07
thanks for the suggestion.ok i will try it...but how about the pimple mark in my face what is the best way to remove it
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@diansinta (7544)
• Indonesia
7 Sep 07
to take care of scars, you must take care the pimples first, then the scars with soft scrub twice a week or milk powder with tea water mask.
@Jemina (5770)
18 Sep 07
hello Angie, let me first welcome you to mylot. You know I used to have lots of pimples on my face. My cousin used to make fun of it and told me to use sandpaper on my face. Like you I also tried so many products that didn't work. My mother spent thousands for the dermatologist but it just cleared the surface and after some time the eruptions came out again. However, there's one product that really helped eliminate my pimples during that time. If you have heard of E.Excel products, they are truly excellent for skin problems. I used a Pearl cream and when the pimples disappeared the marks were still there and I used calamansi. Calamansi is very excellent exfoliant and it also dries the pimples very fast. If you use it with pimples on your skin it would feel like your face is burning. So, rinse it right away. Do it every morning or evening. Pimples and scars should disappear soon. E.Excel can be expensive but it works. Ask uncle Den where you can get them.
@Jemina (5770)
26 Sep 07
Call him or send him an SMS. Ask your Nanay also about E. Excel products and how you can obtain them.
25 Sep 07
ok,but how can i ask uncle den?
13 Feb 08
Here are a few tips for oily skin/pimples: - eat well- fresh fruit, veg & fish will improve your skins condition - excercise- this increases the oxygen supply to your skin - cleanse your face twice a day with a product designed for oily skin - if your pimples really bother you, see a doctor, they will be able to prescibe you an effective treatment - every week use a face mask- peel off ones are great for oily skin - only use very light moisturisers - use a face scrub twice a week to unclog pores as this can also lead to pimples - don't touch or pick spots- you'll spread infection & possibly make them worse! Hope this helps :)
12 Mar 08
yeah thats a big help,thank you very much!
@musicman6 (2406)
• United States
26 Sep 07
You're diet has a lot to do with pimples also,try not to easy greasy foods, sweets and sugar, stick to alot of vegetables, and fruits, at least until you get past this stage of your life!
@Jemina (5770)
26 Sep 07
That's most true. I agree with you. Taking plenty of water is a great help and also sleepig early.
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@ailema4ever (2668)
• Finland
28 Sep 07
Uuuhhhh this is tough. Since you're young, no wonder you have oily skin. As you get older, then it'll gradually be less oily. I also had problems with my pimples and the marks. I have sensitive skin, thus the pimples made red marks all over my face, so I understand your distress. I turned to a dermatologist in my hometown for help when it comes to this. She sold her homemade lotion to get rid of the red marks. She also told me to have a facial once a month 'coz my pores were huge, so you can imagine how easily dirt got stuck there. She also told me NEVER to pinch my zits 'coz that'd definitely produce red marks ('coz of my sensitive skin). Gladly now I don't have to have facials anymore (I'm almost 29 now) and my face isn't that oily anymore. Sorry I'm not really helping. Just DON'T ever pinch your zits...hopefully as you grow older, your skin gets less oily and this zit problem stops to appear.
2 Oct 07
ok thanks,i hope so
@ritazhang (117)
• China
6 Oct 07
Hi Angie, I have the same skin problem like yours. It's said that keeping the skin moisture is the best way to avoid oil on face. 1.Drink water frequently.2.Wash your face 3 times a day and make sure to put gel or things not too much oily. As to the scars from pimples, I use Vitamin E. Thrust a needle into a capsule. Paste Vitamin E directly on the place with scars. It's very useful with the time goes by. Most important, you have to be patient to let it work. If any friend have better expience of fight with the pimples, I will be very happy to share with you.
9 Oct 07
hello ritazyhang,thank you for that wonderful suggestion