how many posts do you make everyday after 5 months here?

September 6, 2007 5:47am CST
when i joined in mylot, i post over 40-50 discussions and responses at first, but now i feel it is hard to post 10 discussions and responses here. what about you? after 5 months.
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@tigerdragon (4297)
• Philippines
6 Sep 07
I use to post around the same batting average as yours until i realize that mylot is not my life, it's eating up my life! so, i have cut it to 10 to 20 a day and do some other productive things.
@diansinta (7549)
• Indonesia
6 Sep 07
hi, wonderful1, i never counts my post, really. After long time here, first time i do by online at mylot is responding my respond first at my email that mylot send me everyday, then responding my referals so that thet felt at home at mylot, then reply my friends then my interest, so may be about 15 or some? i miss count every time i start to count. lol its because im busy thinking about answering discussion in english. which is not my mother tongue. lol have a happy posting from dian at Bali.
@raijin (10371)
• Philippines
6 Sep 07
Alot has changed here, from the numbers of members up to the "quality" of discussions. Back then, I used to post atleast 30 discussions -started and replied to. Well there are also those members that start discussions that are of "low" quality, but not all. I see discussions that are quite repeatitive and returning/resourfacing once in a while, topics about "colors" or the never-ending "coke vs. pepsi" argument!;) There are still good topic starters here, but some of them are not that active and that we seldom see them post. You see, there are many reasons why we get less motivated here. All we need to do is find and look out for discussions that would interest us to respond at, we have to "adjust" to what mylot is offering us for now.