natural childbirth

United States
September 6, 2007 12:10pm CST
I know many women that I've talked to have said to have an epidural, but I really don't want any form of pain management medication. I'd like to go all natural. I would like to know if there are any women on this site who had an all natural childbirth and would be willing to share their experience with me!
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@cherriemae (3373)
• Philippines
7 Sep 07
i delivered my baby in all natural way..yes, it is true that you can really feel the pain on time of labor, it is so shocking pain for me, i don't know what to do, i want to cry but theres no tears coming out in my eyes, i can't walk because of the pain, i don't know, i can't understand but when i delivered the baby, all the pain was gone and i cried that time when i see my's a happy feelings, mixed's scary but you have to try it..good luck..
@cynddvs (2949)
• United States
7 Sep 07
I had a natural childbirth with my daughter. I will be upfront and honest with you, yes it was painful. Don't let anyone lie to you and tell you it's not. But there are ways to get through the pain. First of all if you are wanting to have a natural childbirth you need to 1. find a doctor or midwife that will support you in your decisions and 2. take some sort of childbirthing class. I did both and that really helped me with my experience. I had my daughter at my local birth center. The midwives there were all so incredibly sweet and supportive. They really made my whole pregnancy and childbirth a positive experience. And the childbirthing classes taught me how to breath and what to expect during my labor and delivery. I know being taught how to breath may sound silly but it seriously works. You have to know how and when to take breaths and one thing I was told during my delivery was how to control my screams to aid in my delivery. Maybe I was lucky with my daughter. I had a really fast labor and delivery. I had my first mild contractions start at 11pm (thinking they were just cramps lol). I did most of my labor at home. I got to the birth center at about 5:30 am and was already dialated to 7cm. They got me in the water tub. And that's another thing I would suggest is waterbirthing. I'm telling you from personal experience that water really helps to relax you and your muscles. I had my daughter at 8:36 am. I had no tears and was able to be up and walking around comfortably within a couple of hours. Good luck with your delivery! If you ever have any questions or anything feel free to send me a message.