what do you do for a living?

United States
September 6, 2007 6:52pm CST
I was just wondering what everyone does for a living..and if you actually like it. I graduated in December 2006 in Marketing and my first job was a sales job and I did not like it much at all. So I quit, now I am working as a traffic clerk for the city. I don't particularly love it either, it's basically paperwork and computer work. I am still trying to find a good career for myself. What do you guys do?
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• Malaysia
7 Sep 07
Hi & Hello, CRNbread101 (141); I'm doing cybermarketing for a living. A good business to have actually. Always on an internet board and I have ten(10) online staffs and I conduct and perform my business meeting by using webinar system. My business operation is just like an intermediaries between product's principal companies as my clients and customers or consumer. So I have to prepare all the Marketing Plan as a proposal to my clients with facts and figures specifically on Marketing Philosophy, Marketing Segmentation and Customer Behavior. That is why I can butts on at myLot as almost of my time working at computer. Once e-mail notification from myLot came into my email inbox and I straight away respond to friend's discussion. With one surfing board I'm controlling and monitoring to my 10 paid websites for my business. I think you as well can do it as what I'm doing now, because your academic qualification is in marketing field. Your capital is only your computer and the internet connectivity, while enjoying with cyberfriends on myLot. Start creating your own effective marketing system and with smart operation management system so that it will works for you. Talking about Operation Management System(PODC), it cocluded four(4) categories; 1. Planning; administration and financial management. 2. Operating system; your system tools. , 3. Departmenting, & 4. Control. Financial management system is all about projection cashflow, running cashflow, balance sheets and profit & loss. I think you better work on your own if you are no longer interested to be as an employee. Nobody will controll you unless your controlling system. That is all from me and thank you. The Little Me, Michael. *just call me Michael.
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• Philippines
7 Sep 07
sigh. i graduated with a degree in psychology. my real interest is to work in the industry setting as an HR officer or something but i haven't been so fortunate as to find a good job in this field. right now i'm working as a web content writer and i don't like it at all. sigh