america arise in jesus name!!!!!

@jesus777 (662)
September 6, 2007 9:10pm CST
america now is the time to arise and go forth in jesus name now is the time to get back to the basics of the bible now is the time toi be fore for god all christians born agian believers those who are saved delivered and set free need to come together as one and intercede for america arise and take your place all of you who claim to know jeuss as lord go forth as a mighty army in america and take the streets for the glory of god god does not wamnt fakers he wants those who willbe real and live the life 24 7 it should not be a lip service but a heart service arise and take your place in jesus name right now i pray for every christina in america that they will love and god loves and tell others in ameirca that jesus loves them open up your motuh and share your testimony with the world the world needs to hear what the lord has done for you arise and go forth in jeuss name i pray amen!!!!!!!
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