Do you eat Turtle Egg?

@dianagnes (1088)
September 6, 2007 11:50pm CST
Any of you out there have eaten Turtle Eggs?I like to eat it.Its like a ping pong ball and soft in texture.Those who have not seen it and does not know about it may find the egg disgusting if have the first try.The taste is unique..those who like..will sure love it!
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@azis74 (228)
• Indonesia
19 Oct 11
I had seen turtle eggs but I never eat it. I am a person that is not easy to eat something that is not reasonable for a meal. Moreover turtle eggs are on my opinion it is a strange beast.
• Canada
8 Jun 12
Have never tried it, tho am very curious, i LOVE sushi, caviar and most seafood have even tried alligator and frogs legs, both were pretty tasty turtle would be something new, i hear they make a great soup..even come in their own bowl..its natures way of hinting a food source LOL *drool* now I'm wanting to try them..
@aseretdd (13730)
• Philippines
7 Sep 07
I have not eaten Turtle Eggs because i think it is illegal to eat or sell turtle eggs in my country because turtles are one of the endangered species in the world...environmentalist would even get the eggs wait for them to hatch then release them to the sea...
@azis74 (228)
• Indonesia
19 Oct 11
You are right, tortoise is an animal protected by the government because the population that has been much reduced. No worth it seems we take it just to fill our stomachs.
@noyida (795)
• Singapore
10 Sep 07
Yes I did. I used to eat them a lot but not now. Its difficult to get them now, further I'm afraid of the cholestrol level increase once I eat them too much. Its kind of illegal to bring in the Turtle egg to Singapore. Do you have some now at home to give to me..hee hee.