Do you believe is there any other life in the universe other than Earth??

September 7, 2007 7:30am CST
do you believe is there any other life in the universe other than earth. if you think so then how they might be looking, dothey have the same physic like us??????
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@hv1peer (113)
• Netherlands
14 Sep 07
Hello, we can't be the only living creaturesin the universum, because it's so big
• Pakistan
11 Oct 07
if u think there are other creatures, can they be like us....
@acmepride (1546)
• United States
7 Sep 07
If you're talking about any form of life in the universe, I must say that I am really quite inclined to say that perhaps there is or there could have been, given reports suggesting such possibility (i.e. rock from outer space reportedly containing a microbe/bacteria). If you're talking about human life, though, I could not really say whether there is/isn't any, given the evident lack of incontrovertible proof either way. However, if I were to assume that there is indeed human life elsewhere, I would perhaps imagine that they would look like us, or they would resemble the image of aliens constantly shown in the media, since, to be honest, without truly seeing an alien or a human coming from outer space, I could not fully conceive in my mind how exactly they would look like. Just my 2 cents, moneymatters2684.
• Pakistan
11 Oct 07
• Romania
19 Nov 08
well, life is possible wherever there's support for life. such as a planet, like Earth (the current ideal model, right?), that may foster and sustain life in some form. as the news about a planetary system, other than our life form's Solar System, has just been released by two astronomers ( ) I understand that a strong argument for the existence of life somewhere else in the Universe (referred at as alien life) is available. but there are individuals, the non-lunatic ones, that got access to these proofs earlier. like this guy ( ) that went further a long time ago and has made some research about the possibility of our own life originating elsewhere in Space, under strict control of some extraterrestrial beings. I like to keep an open mind, anyway.