the loss of a sons love

United States
September 7, 2007 11:23am CST
i have made some mistakes in my life and unfortuly they cost me big time. My oldest son of 21 yrs. will not speak to me anymore. Every now and then he will pass along a message to me via my other son. But he still get upset at the mention of my name. I know that the healing process taks a while for him but its been 3 yrs. Tell me is it possible for him to be mad forever?
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@sephrenia (567)
7 Sep 07
As horrible as this sounds, yes, it is possible for him to be mad at you forever. I don't know what mistakes you made or how bad they were but they've obviously affected him very deeply. He still needs time to work things out before he can think about approaching you again. You might try offering messages of peace through your other so and see if that works but you have to take it slowly. I wish I could give you more advice than that but I'm a child who loathes the very mention of her sperm donor so I can only see it through his point of view. PM me if you want to talk *hugs*
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7 Sep 07
tahnk you and god bless