nice gestures

By Amy
Abernathy, Texas
September 7, 2007 7:57pm CST
When you do something nice for someone or an organization do you share with others or do you tell them? IF someone is sick or sad do you ever send an anonymous care package? Part of me thinks if we volunteer for the blind or give heavily to our churches or synagogues or mosques and tell the world - we're missing the point. What do you think? Do you like doing nice things for people?
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@jillbeth (2710)
• United States
8 Sep 07
Scripture tells us to do our good works in secret, and our reward will be in Heaven, but when we expect thanks on earth then we have already received our reward. The good feeling we get from helping another person should be all the reward we need for this life.
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• Abernathy, Texas
8 Sep 07
jillbeth, I agree, and it is a good feeling to help another...
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• Canada
8 Sep 07
No...why? Unconditional giving is supposed to be just that. Giving with no strings attached...and that includes self-glory. Oh goodness aren't a great person for giving of myself..or my funds...doesn't sound very unconditional to me anyway. In regard to the idea of random acts of kindness...yes absolutely! My Mom raised me with the "pay it forward" way of life. When you care...tell people. When they do a good job...tell them. When people give to appreciation in a heartfelt way...and pay the act forward to someone else. When the movie of that name came out it showed the amazing ripple effect when people touch each other's lives in caring compassionate...and unexpected ways. Magic happens! For those who saw the movie clearly illustrated that reality. I am a big believer in contacting superiors and giving support staff credit when they go beyond just doing their job. All they ever hear are the complaints...and that says a lot to me about how pathological the negativity within our society has become. So yes...doing nice things for people in unconditionally loving bettcha!
• Abernathy, Texas
8 Sep 07
Looks like you agree with me - if we volunteer for the blind - and tell the world - we're gaining something from it. :) I love your answer as its so true, we should all practice paying it forward - in a positive way - instead of a kick the dog kind of way.
@dpk262006 (56753)
• Delhi, India
12 Sep 07
I completely agree with your views that we should do some charity whenever we can, it gives us some kind of positive and satisfying feeling.