I just love music, period.

@shomomo (850)
September 8, 2007 4:26am CST
Every time I get up in the morning, and I feel tired, all I have to do is put on a really good song, and I'm as good as ready. I think that music affects me too much, I can listen to some songs if I'm angry at someone and it almost feeds my anger, I can be sad and listen to other songs that might feed my sadness. And of course, If I'm happy, there's no problem finding a song that will make me jump around.. I hope you enjoy music as much as I do, and I look forward to some stories that music has changed your feeling.
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• India
18 Jun 08
Music Fuels me .. i am listening to some or other song ,ost of the time im awake or not in a meeting/lecture. Its amazing hoqw a simple melody can affect u ... Music is a very important part of my life .. its a part of my identity .. It makes me who i am :)