Do you know that drinking tea is good for health?

September 8, 2007 7:51am CST
Recently, i have read that drinking tea is vital for health. For instance, if you face the computer for very long hours, it would be good to brew tea and drink while u are working on your comp. And green tea has anti-oxidants that helps to keep you young! =) Oolong tea is good as it helps to keep you fresh and energize you, useful if you drink it during tea breaks. I love indian milk tea! their red tea is fragrant and i always drink it HOT with my roti prata! U love tea?!
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@wonderful1 (2075)
• China
9 Sep 07
thank you for your discussion, then i will drink green tea when i'm online. frankly, i don't like tea. but if it is good for my health, then i will drink it everyday. because i feel it is bad for me to spend too much time online, then i feel a headache and backache, and i feel my skin is too dry. so i have to find some ways to solve it. so thank you again, pinkhour.
• Singapore
10 Sep 07
besides drinking lots of fluids like tea and water, it would be good to put a glass of fluid near your computer, to provide the moisture around your computer place. For myself, my eyes ache whenever I look at the computer for prolonged periods, thus, i often force myself to rest (meaning close) my eyes every one hour for 2 minutes. It would be good if you put a warm towel on top of your eyes! TRy it, it is soothing!