I am tired of watching the same Hollywood cliches. What about you? what say?

September 8, 2007 8:32am CST
When defusing a bomb, the correct wire will only be cut when the digital timer shows just one second left for the bomb to explode. The best friend in a war movie always dies. Before killing the villain gives the hero customary speech giving enough time for the hero to plan escape. In a martial art film, the bad guys never attack the hero together, they come one by one at intervals. The hotel pool is always deep enough for someone to survive a fall irrespective of the floor he falls from. After a passionate bout of love making, the lady suddenly turns shy and covers herself with the bedsheet. AND so on.. What do u say? You can add more to this list. Lokraj
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9 Sep 07
I recommend the movie "Jimmy and Judy" is a reality based movie its something you have never seen!!!