who among you here watch south park?

United States
September 8, 2007 10:53am CST
before when my husband watching south park i really dont mind it cause its a cartoon show, but when he told em try to watch with me cause its not just for kids. and then when i watch it i started to like it cause it has moral lesson and its true its not just typical cartoon show!!so among you here watch this show?
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8 Sep 07
Yes, I've seen all episodes up until now and I LOVE IT
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@lakantar (1575)
• Greece
4 Oct 08
Same here... One of the only TV shows I watch :)
@sergedan (768)
• Romania
4 Jan 08
I loved Southpark a lot,watched through 4 series but got bored eventually,like with most cartoons. Now I don't watch it but I'll certainly do in the future.
• United States
27 Nov 07
I love south park. Its one of my favorite shows. I have seen and own all the episodes.
@ptotheb (230)
• New Zealand
19 Nov 07
First of all been offended for a cartoon show is just plain stupid. The creaters make fun of every one every race and every religion. Its funny and offensive and shouldnt be taken seriously at all. Its good that you understand. CHEERS ;)
@lancingboy (1386)
• United States
5 Oct 07
I watch South Park everytime it is on! The show is really funny so I'm glad the CW started airing the reruns for those of us who doesn't have cable or satallite. Has anyone seen the episode where Mr. Garrison has a gender change operation? The beginning of that is really gross because they show a real life gender operation taking place!
@erhardtg (64)
• United States
12 Sep 07
I haven't tried watching but I might..after reading your post friend :)
@alansmile (284)
• Malaysia
11 Sep 07
I like the joke and the funny crap in south park. The best episode i think is the world of warcraft episode. XD
@linoxy (285)
• Cyprus
10 Sep 07
I also watch southpark with my fiance, he just loves them. I saw the first episode of southpark yearsago, with one of my friends. I'm addict :)