Nothing comes free

@kalav56 (11466)
September 8, 2007 11:17am CST
I feel that there is nothing in life that is free. Nothing of good quality is ever cheap-here I mean not only the things we buy but the services we pay for. once I when our uncle was diagnosed of cancer, the doctor who examined him and hit the nail on the head was the old senior expert, whose charges were higher than the rest. But he identified the cause and provided the solution with such speed that his brother commented that the ''costliest has proven the cheapest''.It made a mockery of all the tests he underwent before the final diagnosis in a single consultation. That is why I feel, that when we seek quality we have to pay a higher price for it. What do you think about this?
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@CeJones1 (17)
• United States
8 Sep 07
When we really think about life, nothing is free. No matter what we strive or need to do you have to give up something, such as your time or money. I just way all my options, and go forward with the help of my Lord. Be encouraged!
@kalav56 (11466)
• India
9 Sep 07
Absolutely spot on. We always have to give in order to get and life is peaceful only with equal giving and getting. As you said, we have to depend on and surrender to God and go about everything in life. Thanks for your kind response.
• Canada
17 Oct 07
I tend to agree with you on this one in the areas you describe. We often have to pay a higher price for people's experience, knowledge...and expertise and with health issues I would not want to settle for less. However, in other areas of life I must admit that I am an ace bargain hunter and usually strive to find good quality items and the best possible price. I am not a believer in paying more just for 'branding' if I can find the same item...under a no-name banner. So no, nothing comes free but in the end whatever we pay comes down to quality of life in my view. So my friend...that is what I think about this! Cheers, Raia
• China
15 Oct 07
Yes,everything is not free.No pay,no gain.We can't gain anything without pay.