Eat organic

United States
September 8, 2007 3:49pm CST
I'm not promoting just saying, I feel that Americans need to look outside the great taste of our food and realize what it's really doing to us. It's time we really got into finding out what's in our food I mean most of our diseases are caused by what's in our food. Others prolems we're having with our bodies is due to the long term use of of the chemicals pumped into our bodies from all the crap we eat. If you could just try a difference in the way we took up the food we eat we'd probably be able to change a next generations from certain mistakes, maybe keep our people alive longer who knows organic food could be the key to everything.
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• Malaysia
8 Sep 07
Lies. Do you really think that "most of our diseases are caused by what's in our food"? Most diseases are not caused by chemicals in food. They're caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. Problems like obesity are caused by eating too much, not because of any harmful chemicals in food. Hereditary disorders are caused by defective genes. Organic farms need more land to produce the same amount of food as a conventional farm. More people would starve if every farm started going organic. And by the way, organic farms do use pesticides, just less than conventional farms. Check the wikipedia for more information. I can't link to it due to myLot not letting me copy-paste yet.
@nyumix (1659)
• Belgium
8 Sep 07
I'm starting to do it now. I don't know if this just my imagination feeling or not, but my body feel better after I change my food patterns.