Would you hurt the one you love before they can hurt you?

@kennedee (156)
September 8, 2007 11:29pm CST
Isn't it unfair if you hurt the one you love without giving him a chance to prove his love for you. What it you think this is the best way for you to know if he really loves you and if he's really serious about his feelings for you. I let go of somebody I love 'coz I'm afraid that he's not really serious 'bout his feelings for me I felt that I'm unfair but for me this is the only way to prove his sincerity. Because if he really loves me he'll come back to me and he'll never let anybody to keep us apart.
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@wz2007 (128)
• China
10 Sep 07
My opinion is to run its course.Let the affair outgrowth,let oneself relax,come after own felling to walk.Don't go to force anyone and matter.
@djmarion (4898)
• Philippines
9 Sep 07
i think it would be unfair to hurt the one we love and the one who loves us. believe me i'd been there.
• Malaysia
9 Sep 07
Yes Kennedee, it is very unfair if we hurt the one that we love without giving them a chance to prove their love to us. Sure and definite because that is the best way for them to know if they really loves us and if they really serious about their feelings for us. Ooooooo...what the sadness you were!!!you freed him because of your blunt scare something up?. How does he able to make his come back to you as you were already feeling unfair to you. Just like you eyes, it does not mean that you have eye will have sight. Same thing to love, need give and take while your eye as taker and sight as giver. Must reciprocate between give and take. How does he going to prove his sincerity to you once hurts. Ha...ha..ha...you create the problem and you make you own conclusion. So I have to be on his side now. You were killing some one who was innocent. That is why nature give you a good lesson now!!!. Don't you that way, now? No point blaming the rain if you cannot provide yourself with an umbrella. No point blaming the food while you are having your stomachache. No point blaming your life while you are in sadness. You know where are you now? You are living in your world of selfishness. It's hurts, but take it as your good life lesson.
• China
9 Sep 07
Hello!I'm a new member,I only want to say is that we should trust each other,especialy with the one you love^