Do you like the new game in prizee (Fishtrain)?

September 9, 2007 5:58am CST
Two days ago start new game what do you about this game Fishtrain?
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@icelexy (236)
• Romania
24 Sep 07
I love the new game.My decision was to replace Cocktail with Fishtrain.What game did you choose to replace?
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@gittabest (1949)
• Iceland
28 Sep 07
Yup, it's so easy to earn bubz there :D
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@andady (3)
• Romania
25 Sep 07
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• Brazil
20 Sep 07
I like it! I change for one of tickets: I never won more of 0,2 Bubz.
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@krayzee (1160)
• Romania
15 Sep 07
Yes, I like it a lot. In fact it is one of my favorite games at the moment :) Especially as I never played any game without earning at least 0.01 (when I finished the level that is). I have only reached the 6th level so far but I am looking forward to actually finishing the game :)
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@gerald_lian (2190)
• Australia
14 Feb 08
I like this game, but I think it's too harsh to make every player start back from level 1 if they just accidentally bump into an obstacle. Anyway, I've reached level 8 before, which is my maximum. Still struggling to finish the whole 10 levels. How I miss the days when there are only 5 levels.... =(
@svlana (96)
• Russian Federation
15 Dec 07
I like this game. It is very nice and it is true it is easy to get some Bubs playing it.
@jazgottt (1181)
• Poland
30 Sep 07
Hi croquetilla. I like the new game. I have won few bubz:) the game is quite easy, but not to easy, so it is still interesting. I have resigned of the game "snuggy the pilot". I didin't like that game. I like fishtrain much more. have a nice day