September 9, 2007 7:10am CST
Have you thought about traveling around your country and then around the world? Is traveling alone good? disappointing or interesting? I'd like to travel companioned but sometimes it is difficult to find the very people. Do you agree?
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• Romania
11 Sep 07
travelling can be very exciting,especially when you have been wanted to visit the place for a long time.i remember the first time i have arrived in hong kong and saw the buildings along the waterfront-the skyline was become familiar because i had seen it in picture so many times ,but i couldn't believe that i was really there at last!Many people say so that they have had the same feeling of dis belief when seems be exciting to people from one part of the world can seem more ordinary to those who they live in a similar area.For example,people from New Zealand micht be axcited to go to Hong Kong ,but less axcited than ti visit australia,because it is nearer and more familiar. Now i've seen Hong Kong,i want to see more pleces that up so far i have only seen in pictures. I would like to visit places that are out of the way,not the usual tourist destinations,but for that is no easy nowadays.There are fewer that those are unexplored,and tourists noe can get to places that those are unexplored,and tourists now can get to pleces that were impossible since twenty years ago.
• China
14 Sep 07
Hong kong is a wonderful place and so is Macao. I am chinese. I would to be your guide when you come to China. Here are many places of interest. Hoping for your coming.
@maximax8 (31185)
• United Kingdom
10 Sep 07
I love to travel and find it very interesting. I like to meet other cultures, see beautiful places and watch native wildlife. I like to travel alone most of all. That way I can choose which places I want to go to and stick to the budget that is right for me. Yes, I agree, it is sometimes difficult to find the right traveling companions. I am grateful that I went on safari in Kenya for longer than I really wanted to. It turned out to be exactly the right time. But visiting the Seychelles I was pushed into increasing my budget.
• China
14 Sep 07
I am a student and have no much money to travel now.So I am waiting for the day I am a office worker.Yeah,I would also like to make a budget.
9 Sep 07
Yeah, I have. Many many times. It's been one of my lifelong dreams. A while ago, a few frenz n I made a plan. It goes somethin like, we need to work our butts off and when we get to the age of 25 or so, we'll take off for an around the world tour. It's just a pipe dream though. I don't really expect it to happen :(... Unless of course, I make so much money on myLot that I can quit my job n run away round the world ;)
• China
14 Sep 07
Aha,if only mylot give me enough money!
@Malyck (3428)
• Australia
9 Sep 07
I love travelling, and plan on doing a lot more in the next few years. Both national and international - I can't get enough of it =D I don't mind travelling either alone or accompanied, it depends on where I am going and how I feel. When I was 14, I went on my first international flight completely alone, and I met my grandfather at our hotel 2 days later, as we could not get on the same flight, I went first and explored alone. Now I know some people might think this dangerous or whatever, but I thought it was exhilarating and amazing =D I had a lot of fun, and learnt alot. And ate some amazing new food =P I have many friends I'd love to travel with in the future and I can't wait!
• China
14 Sep 07
Tell me when you come to China,I will be your guide.
@ltmoon (1008)
• United States
6 Apr 08
I have not only thought about it but I have done both, traveled all around my country and clear around the world.
@djmarion (4900)
• Philippines
9 Sep 07
i love traveling and i dream of traveling around the country and if possible to other part of the world. i love to travel alone but its okay too if i would travel with a companion.