whats your favourite store where you do shopping

@binny29 (1527)
September 9, 2007 11:11am CST
i prefer to do shopping at central which is a big mall in our city and we find all the best brands of the world so all the latest fashion trends i find in cemntral so where do you prefer to do shopping
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@laurika (4536)
• United States
18 Sep 07
I come from Europe, what probably the most people know.I love to go a shopping malls.i have few fawuite clother store like Mango, Amnesia, Zara.It's a shame we don't have them here in USA. One of my favourite store here in USA is Walmart.I like how many items they have like in comsetics(shampoos, brushes, make -up...)it 's really enjoyable for me.Also i like mylots, because you can safe a lot of money there.When I move I bought there a lot of stuff for my bathroom, kitchen and so.Another is Target, I like the decorations there.they have really cute things and also i find there some good deals for books.
@lkbooi (16100)
• Malaysia
12 Sep 07
There is hypermarket near the house where my son lives. My hubby and I like hanging around there whenever we visit him. It has a large area for free car parking. We do like to take our meat at the restaurant there as the environment there is pleasant and comfortable. There are various types of delicious food available there. Normally we will do our shopping after the meal. To shop around in the spacious and comfy store is really joyful and relaxing.
@Seaclans (215)
• United States
9 Sep 07
I like Grocery Outlet, they have rapid turn over of product and get things that I'd otherwise never see. They also have a much calmer environment then most grocery stores, no problems with sensory over load. I do like to go to malls sometimes, but the crowds and such are often overwhelming to the point where it loses it's fun factor for me. I also like to visit local thrift stores.