How you can convince your wife to stop extra shopping???

@Logician (106)
October 27, 2006 4:37am CST
Oh God they just want to make vaults empty. what to do any suggestions?
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@Expert (44)
• Pakistan
31 Oct 06
cell - cell
oh yea! I agree we can sit together and decide how much shoPping is need and ofcourse how much can I afford.
@sunsham68 (1378)
• India
30 Oct 06
Firstly, you should both sit together and work out a budget, break up the money you are earning into definite overheads, separate the like to haves from the must haves, once you are done with the must haves, both of you must agree that whatever is left and ONLY that can be used on random shopping. Also, make a habit of writing down things around the house that need to be bought - groceries/ kitchen supplies/ household/ personal accessories..when the urge to shop comes up or you have any extra money, pick something from that list! You should figure out if she could be using shopping as a therapy... I tend to shop when I am depressed/ low. Once I realised that connection, I have moved to other channels to ease my depression.
@meetsammy (579)
• India
30 Oct 06
dude....dont u think by doing that u will be approaching one step nearer to your divorce??