CSI NY, Did you know that?

@maean_19 (4659)
September 9, 2007 11:03pm CST
Did you know that Andy Garcia was originally offered to play the lead role and he is supposed to be named as Det. Rick Calucci, but he declined the role. CSI New York was the only CSI which does not win an EMMY award. That the cell phones they used was Palm Treo 650's and starting season 3, they use Nokia E62. Notice the numbered yellow evidence markers, they are labeled "Arrowhead Forensic Products 800-953-3274 in small text below the number. Did you know that Danny Messer was a musician and likewise quit baseball due to a back injury. He brings with him his guitar on the set and plays for his co-stars. That when they are filming at downtown Los Angeles, an actual dead body was found in an apartment building, several floors down from the film crew's location. The body turned out to be a mummified remains of a long dead body. To put a twist in their episodes, entitled "Not what it looks Like", they based the case on that situation involving a missing a missing woman that was mummified in an apartment.
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• China
12 Dec 07
Yes, I know Carmine (Danny Messer) used to play baseball and he really has talents in arts! He is my favorite and for all actors in CSI, he is the only one who is most possible to be a police in realy world! amazing!
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@alamode (3071)
• United States
10 Sep 07
More fascinating facts about a fascinating show! I watch all three CSI's and can't pick a favorite. Thanks for the interesting info!
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