how will u rate the walkman series by sony ericsson?

@mikans (44)
September 11, 2007 5:03am CST
how many marks out of 5 will you give the sony ericsson walkman series phones?
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@tanyusha (112)
• Moldova
12 Sep 07
I would give a 5! they have a great quality of sound, and that is what they are made for: music - my main concern in a phone (besides calling of course). I adore them.
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@duard23 (25)
• Philippines
13 Sep 07
id also give it a 5 for good sound quality. for the phones, id give them between 3 and 4. SE phones are tagged as not very user friendly. of course, if i had a SE phone, i learn every function by heart, but not all people are like me so i guess they will have a hard time using it.
• India
17 Sep 07
i dont think they arent user friendly. i myself have been using a se for sometime now and never got any probelem regarding any function and didnt had any hard time using it.
• Philippines
19 Aug 09
For the Walkman Interface I gave them 4.5 because they have a cool musical effects but I want a bigger Album Art display. I will give them 3.5 for Usability because they do not use 3.5 mm jack (their bluetooth headset is expensive) and not all SE Walkman has stereo speakers. Their fastport connector makes the phone looks so ugly. And high 5 for their outstanding and excellent sound quality.
• India
12 Sep 07
I'll give 4 coz of poor picture quality!