Maddies Case! Point of view.

September 11, 2007 6:58am CST
I am Portuguese and I have seen the effort of all in here Police and people to find Madeleine. And now a lot of people in England are pointing fingers to portuguese police. Teel me yours opinion about these strange and sad case.
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@Stiletto (4582)
11 Sep 07
Hi - not seen you around for ages! Well personally I think that people are being very harsh in their judgement of the Portuguese Police. In fact it's not even a new attitude. Almost from day one sections of the British press were sneering at the efforts of the Portuguese Police and criticising the way they handled things. The fact is we don't KNOW all the facts! We don't have the information that the police have and your laws and procedures are different from British laws and procedures and we should acknowledge and respect that. There is this unfortunate tendency in Britain to regard anything foreign as somehow "inferior". It's not personally aimed at the Portuguese - if the same thing had happened in Italy, America, France, New Zealand - anywhere in fact - there would be sections of the British press sneering and commenting on their inadequacies. Our superiority complex is probably one of our less attractive national characteristics I'm afraid! I think it hasn't helped either that relatives of the McCanns have been giving interviews to the British Press criticising the police. I've seen coverage from Portugal on television and to me it was obvious that the police and local people were deeply concerned and affected by the disappearance of Madeleine. It's all just such a sad situation - I still keep hoping that by some miracle this little girl will be found safe and well but the possibility of that happening seems unlikely now I'm afraid.
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• Portugal
11 Sep 07
Hello my friend, thanks for your great response, I also hope (therefore I don´t believe) that Maddie it´s alive. Just an example why it´s unfair what they say about the Portuguese police. I never saw so much polices, military mans and citizens looking for someone missing in here. Some relatives of other portuguese missing childs protest against that, in somehow they where right, aren´t the childs all important? One thing always stayed all this months in my mind, the coldness in Maddies mother eyes, just a few tears. Everything was to schedule. And now if they are innocent why hired such a great lawyer? Was the meaning of the findmadeleine fund?
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@p1kef1sh (45638)
8 Feb 08
I was going to make my own comment. But yours encapsulates everything that I think about this dreadful case. In a rather perverse way, the the publicity courted by the McCann's has, if anything, had a negative effect on public opinion in the UK. The Portuguese police may have not always dealt with the mater as well as the media think. But if it had been a Portuguese girl in the UK, would our own Police have fared any better?
@costello (766)
• Belgium
16 Mar 08
Maddies case, difficult to say who made mistakes here. It is easy, to blame the police, when during all this time, nothing has lead to Maddie or eventually her kidnapper/murderer. There is written a lot about this case in the media, but it seems to me that no one really knows what happened with maddie. There was a time when the media made the suggestion that the parents were guilty, that the mother killed Maddie, then they spoke about friends, now it's the police they talk about. But what do we know, only that what is written bij the media and lets be honoust, that is not always as objective as it should be. It's indeed a sad case and I hope that one of these days the search for Maddie is over and that everyone knows what really happended with her.Before that it is not possible, I think, to make any accusations.
• Portugal
16 Sep 07
who did it will be found. I'm also portuguese and I know that the police is doing everything to discover what really happened. The brittish press is a bit 'twisted'.